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About the Program

Become BIM Coordinator (BBC) is a unique training program aimed to transfer expert knowledge in BIM Coordination by an experienced specialist in this field.

The BBC is addressed mainly to professionals and students from the AEC industry who want to further develop their professional careers in the field of  Building Information Modeling methodology.

If you think that BIM is the future of the construction industry and you want to be a part of it, you are in the right place. Thanks to the BBC you will learn the secrets of BIM Coordination in-depth. The program takes you from the basics to an advanced level hence you will acquire the appropriate skills to become a successful BIM Coordinator.

You won't find such a comprehensive approach to BIM Coordination anywhere else

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What distinguishes this Program?

Experienced BIM Coordination Specialist shows his best practices !!!

Practical SKills and real-life examples

In the course, we focus on developing practical skills that can be used in real-life. I will show you various BIM coordination workflows currently used on projects. We will go through each of them step by step.

BIM Coordination expert


The program is conducted by a longtime practitioner specializing in BIM Coordination who has taught dozens of students, engineers, and architects to date. He can explain complex topics in an easy and accessible way so that you can get the most out of this course.

Private fb group


You will gain access to a private Facebook group where other students of this program share their knowledge, problems, and support each other in completing the course. Me, as the author, will also be actively involved in this group helping you solve the problems.



As you know, training makes perfect, therefore, after most of the modules, you will have to do your homework using the knowledge you have learned during the course to solve coordination challenges. This will help you understand the discussed material even better.

Not another "dry" BIM software Training

Most of the courses offered on the market teach only the dry use of coordination software, without showing the full picture of the BIM Coordinator's work. In this course, you will learn about many aspects of his job, so you will be well prepared for applying for this position in the near future.


Every now and then (at least once a month), so-called Q&A sessions will be organized where you will be able to talk to the tutor and ask him questions about BIM Coordination. If you have a problem while reviewing the course material, we will try to solve it during those meetings.

Career upgrade

Career Upgrade

Thanks to the BBC program, your knowledge about BIM will skyrocket. I am sure it will have a positive impact on your career and open many doors to BIM-related positions

goal oriented program


My main and one goal as the author of this course is to give you the right skills that will allow you to get a job as a BIM Coordinator

For whom ?

If you are an architect, engineer, student or simply interested in BIM methodology and want to:

…. this program is for You !! 

Do you have any questions ?

If you are interested in the BBC program or you have any questions just write to me:

Who is the Author?

Become Bim Coordinator

Hi, I am Ignacy Lozinski

I am an experienced BIM Coordination specialist working in Oslo, Norway. I’ve been associated with the BIM methodology since 2011.

During my career, I worked on pioneering projects using BIM. As a result, I gained practical knowledge in modeling, management of building information, multidisciplinary coordination, and creation of a BIM implementation strategy for design companies.

In addition, I am a co-founder of the BIM Corner platform, where I am happy to share my knowledge about BIM Coordination and implementation of new technologies in the AEC industry.

I believe that the BBC program will help many people to become BIM Coordinators and positively influence their future careers in BIM.

When & What?

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The second edition of Become BIM Coordinator program starts in March 2023Although, this free mailing will provide you with interesting tips and articles and guides about BIM Coordination (and not only)!

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Now I invite you to this free BBC mailing full of interesting content about BIM Coordination.

At the same time, I am working on the Become BIM Coordinator program. I have a lot of knowledge to share and I arrange everything in a meaningful flow.

Although the program will start in February 2022, this free mailing will provide you with interesting knowledge about BIM Coordination (and not only)!

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