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Maybe you:

Then I have something for you šŸ‘‡

I have prepared powerful online training, in the form of video lessons, that will introduce you to the world of Building Information Modeling right now!

You don't have to wait for the Live Workshop to start learning with me!

After the training:

Additionally, you will gain access to a 1.5-hour training in which Clive Jordan from Plannerly shows how to use AI to create a BIM Execution Plan.

What does this training look like inside?

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Go through the lessons at your own pace.

Lesson 1


Lesson 2

Defining Building Information Modelling

Lesson 3

Why information in the BIM Model is so important

Lesson 4

Exploring Different BIM Dimensions

Lesson 5

Various Levels of Model Maturity that you may encounter

Lesson 6

Who benefits from using the BIM methodology

Lesson 7

Examples of real-world BIM application in the AEC Industry

Lesson 8

Summary and Quiz


Streamline your BIM workflow with AI and auto-model-verification using Plannerly

Additionally, for each lesson, you will receive supplementary materials in PDF format for download.
These materials include all slides and diagrams presented in the lessons.

This online training is ideal for you, if:

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Over 200 students have already taken this training!

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39 Euro, that's less than one dinner for two in the city.

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