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What will you find in the BIM Coordination Guide?

Interactive BIM Coordination Guide in the Form of a Notion Notebook

Dive into a comprehensive and user-friendly BIM Coordination guide , seamlessly organized within a Notion notebook. This interactive format allows you to easily navigate through sections, annotate important points, and integrate your own notes.

Notion guide

Guided Step-by-Step Process on How to Conduct Simple BIM Coordination

Follow a clear, structured, and detailed process that walks you through the essentials of BIM Coordination. From initial setup to project completion, each step is explained with practical examples and visual aids.

step - by - step - guide

Tons of Tips, Graphs, Mind Maps – to Facilitate Understanding

Enhance your learning experience with a wealth of tips, informative graphs, and detailed mind maps . These tools are designed to simplify complex concepts and provide you with a deeper understanding of BIM Coordination.

Mind Map

Exercise Files

Get hands-on with provided exercise files that accompany each section of the guide. These files are tailored to reinforce learning and provide practical experience with real-world BIM Coordination scenarios .

Exercise files

Practical Homework

Test your knowledge and skills with practical challenges that simulate real-life BIM Coordination tasks . These challenges are designed to push your problem-solving abilities and ensure you are well-prepared for actual projects.

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